Ryan Family Update

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!
We hosted the Ryans of Cohoes and Sherburne, as well as the Hoppels of Hollidaysburg for dinner!

Whoa! Check out that beautiful golden brown turkey!
It was my first big bird, and I brined it with a little help from Williams-Sonoma.
It tasted even better than it looked!

Jon & Amy helped us carve, and they did a mighty fine job.


Lois and Nana make their way down the groaning board,
 while Colleen checks out Abby's plate.

Abby made the turkey placecard holders
(note the one for Aunt Colleen in the right hand corner).

Daddy helps Abby cut her turkey, while Pop lines up behind Lois & Nana.

Gerrie, Colleen, Eric & Ed gave thanks after a big feast ...

* a pause to swap out parents *

Lois, Colleen, Eric & Tom get ready for pie!


Conor was very excited about wearing a tie. Didn't he look handsome?

The kids are laughing because Daddy is jumping around
and making bunny-ears behind Aunt Colleen's head.
(Conor does not have a bad tongue infection, he just
ate a blue raspberry Jolly Rancher.)

And here's a photo from the digital camera that's a little better ...




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