Ryan Family Update

September, 2005

No, really, I swear I'm going to catch up on these updates.
So it's October and I'm doing the September update ... with some photos from August ...

Celebrating Aunt Cheryl's birthday in Virginia ...

Nana, Aunt Cheryl and Daddy stomp grapes at Busch Gardens.

A self-portrait of Mommy, Conor and Abby.

Abby, Nana & Conor.


At Colonial Williamsburg,
Abby & Conor looked less than thrilled with Thomas Jefferson...
but later mustered a rousing "HUZZAH!"

The First Day of School - 2005!

Conor and Spiderman, getting ready for preschool.
He loves to go to school, and is learning
the alphabet AND sign language!

Abby is in Ms. Shaw's class for Grade 3.
She is reading chapter books, is a great speller,
and really enjoys science.

Riding bikes at the Friedel compound.

We like the trampoline, too!

It's Homecoming at Unadilla Valley, and cousin Megan is Winnie the Pooh!

Some of those trees in the 100-Acre Wood look awfully familiar ...

Abby & Conor did a great job on the float for the Homecoming Parade!




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