Ryan Family Update

Thursday, June 30, 2005

You may note these are 4th of July pictures ...
I couldn't go a month without an update!

Abby, Uncle Eric, Conor & Aunt Colleen check out the surf
at the Colony Beach Motel in Dennisport.
We went to the Cape for the Independence Day holiday!

On the 4th, we went to the "Stars & Stripes Parade" in Hyannis.

But not before we stopped by the Hyport Brewery to sample their wares.
(Abby scored the wand and crown as soon as we walked out of the car in Hyannis!)


Uncle Eric gets a photo of the parade-watching gang.

Abby & Amy were pleased to meet the chicken. Conor is hiding behing
Mommy, and Daddy looks almost as apprehensive as his son!

Back at the hotel after the parade, Conor is just pretending to be pouty.
He got his football bead necklace at the parade!

Here's the Ryan Family!

The Pirate Adventure on the Sea Gypsy was big fun!

Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!

Conor found the X!
There must be treasure around somewhere!

And where there's treasure, there's bound to be other pirates.
Here, Abby & Conor man the water cannons to protect their booty!

Safely back in port,
Cabin Boy Conor and Ahoy Abby helped lower the Jolly Roger.

After the trip, Conor had his arm wrapped up in a blanket ...
he told Nana he hurt his arm on the boat.
Pretty good pirate scar and pirate face, huh?

Here's Conor in the cabana!

What's a vacation without miniature golf???

We went to Clancy's for dinner one night.
It was awesome!

Dad, Aunt Sandy and Mom enjoyed themselves!

We went on a whale watch and joined "The 1% Club" of people who see no whales.
(Fortunately, we were on the wonderful Hyannis Whale Watcher cruise, and they gave us a rain check!)
We saw a basking shark, and 2 harbor porpoises, but that was it.
Of course, you could hardly see your hand in front of your face with the fog and rain.
It was only 58 degrees!

The big boys found weatherproof ways to amuse themselves, setting most of the records on the
Extreme Hunting game in the motel's arcade ...

Eric and I went to dinner on our last night at the Ocean House ... walking distance from the Colony Beach.

Eric had --
  • Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella, Aged Balsamic,
    Extra Virgin
    Olive Oil and Farmer's Market Basil
  • New England Lobster Ravioli, Baby Spinach, Tomatoes,
    Lobster, and Champagne Cream

I had --
  • The Wedge: Crisp Iceberg Lettuce with Creamy Blue
Cheese Dressing, Bacon and Onion Crisp
  • Lemongrass Battered Native Grey Sole, Shrimp Fried Rice
Tempura Haricot Vert, Sweet Soy Drizzle,
Lime Butter Sauce

What a stupendous meal!

We all had a great time!
Thanks to Mom & Dad (and Aunt Millie) for making this fun vacation possible!
(Maybe Cher & Mike can come along next year ... but it might mean only one week at Camp Ryan!)




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