Ryan Family Update

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Happy Birthday to Jonny Cat (yesterday)!
Jon, Chooch, Eric & Colleen celebrated by increasing the average age at the Green Day concert at the Pepsi Arena on Monday!

Making new friends at
Build-A-Bear Workshop

Abby choose a pink poodle, and Conor chose a green bear.

Abby's helping to put the stuffins in Pink Poochie.

Now, they choose a heart, warm it up in the palms of their hands...


make a wish ...

and put it inside their new furry friends!

Conor got "Lucky O'Teddie" just in time, as the Leprechauns showed up in
Sherburne just a few days later! They walked all over the house and left
piles of loot for the kids!

Abby has Ariel on her face!
(I'm not sure why...)

Easter with the Ryan Kids

Coloring eggs in anticipation of the big day!

Conor colors his first before he dips them.

Personally, I can't believe how grown-up Abby looks in this picture.
Where does the time go???

Now, it's Easter morning ...

And time for the big egg hunt!

There's still an awful lot of snow in Central New York!

Snow didn't stop the kids from playing in the woods behind the house.

Even when Daddy launched snow at them!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Barkley!

I hear there's a tree fort in the works ...

Good thing Daddy got this cool truck!

Pretty aggressive tread style, don't you think?




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