Ryan Family Update

February 28, 2006

It's Conor's birthday month!
I think he had so many parties because he turned a WHOLE HAND OLD!

Abby, Kirsten (the American Girl) and Conor (the Birthday Boy)
at Nana & Pop's house for Party #1.
It's the last cake we'll ever have from Golden Krust ... a Cohoes tradition.

Party #2 -- The Friedel Party.

Conor looks really happy about this gift.

Abby is enjoying it, too.

Abby's starting to look so grown up!

  Megan looks on while Mom helps Conor with one of his gifts ...

Hooray for Chicken Little!

Just in case the sky *is* falling, Conor & Abby hang out under the table.

Chicken Little makes another appearance,
at Conor's THIRD party, the one for his friends from school.

Coloring, goldfish ... it seems like Amy & Jon
have this whole party thing down to a science.

"So I sez to the guy, I sez ..."

Abby in her pink party frock.

Abby and Amy sport the Chicken Little glasses.

I think the Moms had more fun with the glasses than the kids did!

Looks like a Clifford card with stickers and everything!

Cooper thinks the sky is falling!!!

What's a Chicken Little party without ... the Chicken Dance?

quack quack quack quack
flap flap flap flap
waddle waddle waddle waddle
clap clap clap clap

Another Chicken Little cake, and at last, Conor's birthday month is over!




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