Ryan Family Update

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Conor's birthday week continues!
Uncle Eric & Aunt Colleen missed the big Spiderman party last weekend due to a Mardi Gras party
and tickets to see Les Miserables ... Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Mike and Hershey drove all the way up from Charlotte!

After a yummy dinner at Nana & Pop's,
Daddy tried some of Conor's Spiderman bath foam.
It was gushy!

Even though it wasn't her birthday, Abby got a little treat...
Princess glitter Play-Doh with a stamp of Belle!

Conor got green Play-Doh with a Spiderman stamp!

Conor climbed up into Uncle Eric's lap to give him some lovins,
but was very squirmy when I tried to take his picture!


Everyone loves to ride in the chair that goes up!

Barkley gets some ear-scratching from Pop.

Abby & Mommy work on a puzzle book,
Daddy flips Conor upside down,
and Barkley practices his dance routine.

Hey look! It's me, the webmistress, with Uncle Eric!

Abby and Conor check out Daddy's new laptop with Aunt Colleen.
Those faces are a response to "Look with your eyes, not your hands..."

Abby is very good at math, and was writing times tables on little slips of paper for our review.
She's joined a Brownie Troop, and had a sledding party yesterday.
MAYBE someone will send me some pictures!!!

Abby said that Barkley is
"two dogs in one ... he's a lap dog AND a watch dog!"
He's also a fabulous dancer,
and nearly as tall as Abby, to boot!




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