Ryan Family Update

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

It's STILL really cold, but here are some pictures from Orlando to warm you up!
Actually, it was a mite nippy in Florida while the Ryans were there -- but not sub-zero!

Amy, Conor, Abby & Jon in front of Cinderella's Castle. 

Note the warm jackets and fleece pullovers.

At least they weren't in Florida last week, when overnight temps went below freezing!

Eeyore, Abby, Amy & Conor.

Abby getting Ballou's autograph.

Abby and Amy went to "The Princess Breakfast"
and Abby got to meet many of her favorite Disney celebrities!

Abby and Mulan.

Abby & Mary Poppins!

Abby got chosen to be in the Lion King show!

Aunt Cheryl met up with Jon, Amy & the kids when they flew through North Carolina and spent the whole week in Florida with them!

Conor wasn't too keen on the whole Mickey Mouse thing...

Cheryl & Jon on the Viking boat.

Abby with Donald Duck.

When Abby was waiting to get Daisy Duck's autograph, she said, "Daddy, I'm going to tell her I like her bow."

Ariel asked, "What's the little guy's name?" and Jon said,
"Oh, this picture's for me and the guys at work!"

"Hmmm, is that tail real?"

Abby & Robin Hood.

Abby wears her princess hat for her audience with the Mad Hatter & Alice in Wonderland.





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