Last year, as The Committee to Celebrate 2000 was wrapping up preparations for our "Party of the Century" on New Year's Eve, 
we began planning for a trip to New Orleans.

After a year of major developments in many of our lives, a somewhat smaller (but no less enthusiastic) group made the trip.

To those who went: let's do it again!
To those who didn't : please join us next time!

Here's a self portrait of Colleen & Eric on the balcony at the Bourbon Orleans, on Wednesday, December 6. It was our third wedding anniversary! 
(We secretly organized the trip to relive our honeymoon!)
Eric, Clancy, Becka and Colleen at the Gumbo Shop. Our meal included turtle soup, smothered greens, chicken andouille gumbo, bread pudding -- and too much wine!
Deb and Colleen at Cafe Du Monde. Other than the aggressive pigeons, we had a really nice snack of beignets and cafe au lait. 

Of course, this was after a breakfast of Ragin' Cajun omelettes and fried oysters at Pere Antoine's, so we could afford to share our food with the birds! 

Colleen and Eric in the courtyard at Pat O'Brien's

It's one of Deb's favorite things: afternoon cocktails. Very civilized. We opted for the mint juleps.

Colleen & Deb -- back on the balcony at the hotel.

Say, what are Paul, Eric, Clancy and Don looking at? 
Why, it's a Playboy photo and video shoot, at the nightclub across the street! 

Some of the aspiring Bunnies came out into the street to videotape a promo for HBO.

(Yes, we could see right in the windows. No, you may not see the pictures we took.)

Nancy & Don are ready for a night out on the town. 

Colleen and Eric had a 'date' that night. We went to Dickie Brennans's Steak House -- yum yum!