Mardi Gras Mayhem

Queen Abby and King Richard held court on Jay Street.

Most of the neighborhood gathers in the kitchen ...

Colleen & Eric pay homage to their Queen & King.

Vren and Courtney under the fabulous "wrought iron" balcony that
Good King Richard created.

Another "balcony" was placed over the bar ...

Mike & Vren, sporting beads, glittery shirts, and glowing bracelets ...

Neighborhood girls ... Colleen, Courtney & Nancy.

Following the cutting of the King Cake, James negotiates the surrender of the crown....

From Rich to Chris!
All Hail King Christopher!

Who chooses the lovely & talented Susan to reign with him!
All hail Queen Susan and King Chris!

A peaceful transfer of power ...
(Abby looks delighted to be free of her royal duties, doesn't she?)
And the Krewe of Beverwyck monarchy returns to Lancaster Street!

Until next year ...
The Krewe of Beverwyck bids you
bon soir!

Thanks to everyone who donated to the NOMRF at the party,
we raised $270
for the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund.
If you didn't have your checkbook at the party but still want to contribute -- it's not too late!

If you don't like doing transactions online, they are also accepting checks mailed to
NOMRF, 104 W. Washington Street, Unit #2, Bloomington, IL 61701.