Celebrating Ten Years of Debauchery in 2005
Photo Gallery


The Krewe of Beverwyck has a Ball!
February 5, 2005

Roger, King Bill, and Abby pose with Bill's
cool old GE Monitor Top refrigerator.

King Bill's house is full of revelers.

John, Mike and Jenny have a little nosh.

While everyone else hovers around the food, a few hearty souls
hover around the punch bowl, filled with Swamp Water.

A huge tub of beer was conveniently located at the end of the hall
as guests entered and dropped off their coats.
Through the window, past the chili pepper lights, is the kitchen,
the home of the Hurricane factory.

Deb, Colleen (your loyal webmistress) and Jenny --
charter members of the Krewe of Beverwyck.