Demolition is Underway!


Look! It's the Golden Gate Bridge! We took a Gray Line tour of the city on one of those cute motorized cable cars.

After our city tour, we went to two of the city's most historic hotels on Nob Hill. First , we visited the Fairmont Hotel, and had a Lava Bowl at the Tonga Room. Fun and kitschy tiki bar theme, with a buffet of nibbly things like postickers and egg rolls.

Then, across the street to the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins, for martinis at the Top of the Mark. Lovely view, but a non-descript dining room and crummy service.

When we got back to our hotel, we decided that it would be a good time to ride a REAL cable car, since the line wasn't too long at the turntable. We waited about 20 minutes, and boarded to ride the Powell-Hyde to the end.

We jumped off the car just long enough to let them turn it around, then took the ride back down to Fisherman's Wharf. We had the car just about to ourselves!

On Tuesday, we met our friend Mic for lunch. He and Joanna both work in the area near the Ferry Building, so we rode the F-train like a couple of locals, and the three of us took a bus to the Castro neighborhood and had a great lunch at Bagdad Cafe.

When we returned to the Wharf, a perfect scene unfolded to illustrate the convenience of the location: on the left, a cablecar, fresh from the turntable platform -- in the center, the buildings of the Maritime Museum with Alcatraz in the background, and on the right, our hotel, The Argonaut! The Visitor's Center for the Maritime historic park is located in the hotel!

We had a quiet dinner that night at Cioppino's, one of the Italian/seafood restaurants across the street from our hotel on the wharf.

The next morning, we visited the Aquarium of the Bay ... doesn't it look like Eric is looking up at the stars? It's a school of fish -- and one starfish -- swimming over our heads!

Here comes a dog fish (meee-ow - sorry, couldn't pass up the Rock Lobster reference)
swimming behind us...

I touched a starfish!

I love this mural on the outside of the aquarium building.
Eric -- look out -- there's a whale behind you!

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